Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

Terrorist financer in my country allowed to run freely in Britain

One can be sure that arresting one or two terrorists is never enough because as long as the head of them all is still out there operating and recruiting more combatants to join, the venom still remains.

I am referring to Abrar Islamic Foundation, founded by Dr Saeed Shehabi in 1986, a recruiting and breeding ground for his devotee’s and fellow villains.

Based in the heart of the capital, Crawford Place, London has become a pothole for notorious extremists such as Qasim Al Hashmi and Abdel Raouf Al-Shayeb, who are British residents that have a very much similar style and approach to radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza whereby both are exporting terrorist ideologies. The two were recently arrested on 30th April 2014 on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism and under the Terrorism Act 2006.

Members and supporters of this foundation consist of radicals from Iraq and Bahrain who call for death on all that oppose them and their fanatical ways along with many from Lebanon who are great fans of Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, all of whom regularly call for revenge on the west and Gulf states for supporting Syrian people.

With the help of its generous financiers in London, we watched Saeed Shehabi’s foundation invite Sayed Hassan Al-Sader an arm force commander of Al-Mahdi militia (an Iraqi terrorist militia) to London to speak about victory over the west and preparation for war on civilians in the Gulf sates.

Fundamentalists like Qasim Al Hashmi and Abdel Raouf Al-Shayeb, have always used Abrar Islamic foundation and its connections to disguise itself from the eyes of the British government. Al-Shayeb has repeatedly called on Jihad and made commands to fight in Bahrain, right from the very third floor of the Abrar Islamic foundation. It is only with thanks to video uploads on websites like YouTube that has enabled their otherwise secret activity to be exposed.

Resources have previously confirmed that Saeed Shehabi and his recruits at Abrar Islamic foundation are coordinating and plotting with the Iranian leadership whilst also working closely alongside Hezbollah’s members in London.

We are not insinuating anything in particular but we ask you to investigate Shehabi’s organizations that are evidently funding and assisting terrorist’s groups abroad. The group’s activities are considered crimes in the UK and all British citizens must abide by the law and be judged accordingly.