Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2013

Does Collective Security Work?

“For peace to be established on an international scale, the consequences of disturbing it must prove to be tragic for any aggressor.”

Author:  Daisy  Oliver
politics and economics Researcher

When the League of Nation was created, it was predicted that collective security would succeed because it would operate under certain assumptions. In addition to the assumption that members will not hesitate to stop acts extreme acts of aggression militarily regardless of their personal position on the conflict and that maximization of personal security would act as an incentive to develop collective interests that would empower the League, it was also assumed that resolutions leading to intervention/prevention would be centralized in the international body responsible for collective security.  Just as the first two assumptions were countered from the realist approach that power maximization is a strong determinant of a country’s behavior and that collective security cannot be achieved without collective interests, the latter can also be approached from the realist theory of international anarchy…Read More