Published On: Sun, Feb 24th, 2013

Bahrain: A Decline in Opposition

Support for Bahrain’s leading opposition party Al-Wefaq, that won almost half seats in the Bahraini house of parliament in 2010 turning it into the most popular political society in the kingdom has fallen considerably according to a new study by the London-based British Middle East Centre for Studies and Research.

Group C was assigned Al-Aker village and consisted of  our Cardiff-based research associates Russell Steinlight, Mary Thaul and Roy Marcy and Lloyd Moore who is a Newcastle MSc graduate and freelance journalist. Al-Aker villagers support for Al-Wefaq has the highest decline rate amongst the three areas and this is due to several factors, one being its proximity to the Sunni city of Riffa where most royals reside and therefore suffered from several sieges and permanent police patrols around the area. According to Al-Aker villagers, Al-Wefaq neglect of the deteriorating situation of Al-Aker and shortage of supplies on occasions proves it to be a non-reliable leader. Some villagers also spoke of anarchy that the opposition had to endure more than the government had as the political society’s hate speeches triggered the anger of youth who repeatedly and irresponsibly vandalize their own village under the banner of legitimate demands.…Read More