Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2013

Liberalism and Realism

When looking at realism, like liberalism, it is quite hard to simply give one definition of it.

Authors: Nicolas Watson ,  International Law and International Relations ,  University of East London

Both theories give resilient arguments and explanations of how politics, in essence works. But in this ‘new world order’, realism is no longer suitable and at best will only benefit as a residue, a simple basis of how the world was structured some time ago. But it’s ineffectiveness leaves it inept of explaining the contemporary world. Whereas liberalism is no longer just a forecast of how politics ought to be, but is essentially now a contemporary and practical theory. One which explains current world affairs and provides precise accounts of the nature of peace that is achieved in the midst of this anarchic world.

However that is not to say that ‘on the other hand realism is a theory of incoherence’, rather we cannot treat it as some sort of whimsical theory that provides us with impeccable answers and solutions to everything that is political. But that it is a theory of the past, one that belonged with war and conflict…Read more