Published On: Tue, May 6th, 2014

Justice for Victims of Terrorism

filemanager.phpWhile extremist such as Qasim Al Hashmi and Abdel Raouf Al-Shayeb , who were recently arrested on 30th April 2014 on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism and under the Terrorism Act 2006 , and associated networks constitute the main international terrorist threat , other terrorist groups remain active to varying degrees in many areas of the world . They are generally preoccupied with pursuing their local or nationalist agendas and are primarily motivated by regional conflicts and seek to replace secular governments , such as those of Bahrain and UAE , with Taliban-Iranian style theocracies . In response to the threat , UK’s Parliament has enacted a number of laws to prohibit and disrupt the activities of foreign terrorist groups in the UK . So Why is these extremist groups(Al Hashmi & Al-Shayeb) who take advantage of UK citizenships have the right to threaten my people’s peace? .

Proscribed terrorist organization’s are listed in Schedule II of the Terrorism Act 2000 yet the question is will the Home Secretary add origination such Abrar Foundation to this list as required .

image2416496xScotland Yard said they were held on Al hashmi & Al-Shayeb on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism and possessing information useful to persons preparing or committing acts of terrorism . I as many journalists would want to know more about the “Hashmi & Al-Shayeb-“possessing information useful to persons preparing or committing acts of terrorism” . Police said searches at two residential properties – in Westminster , central London , and Barnet in the north of the city – have now been completed , A number of vehicles were also searched . The question will they inform the public of what they found ? Will The UK’s home office or the counter Terrorist provides us with further details of those terrorists suspects?

Undeniably if anyone asks me, what do I want?Justice for victims of terrorism , Justice at any cost, that’s all.

 Author: Muhammed ALARAB, Senior Journalist (correspondent) at  Al Arabiya TV  , Bahrain, Member of RSSF