Published On: Sun, Nov 25th, 2012

Interracial Contact and the Own Race Bias in Face Recognition

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“This study investigates the own race bias phenomenon; people recall faces from their own race better than faces from another race. It focuses on the own race bias explanation of interracial contact; the more people are in contact with a certain race the better they become at differentiating that race from other races”

Author: Richard Binham

Consultant Well-Being Psychologist, Therapist Researcher, Cambridge   University

Many experiments on the own race bias phenomenon are mostly carried out on white people, black people too and less commonly people of the Asian race. It’s time that studies in this area are taken further by using other races that have not been used yet, e.g. different races of Africans, Chinese or Middle Eastern race.

Using people from the Middle East might generate good results as there are many different countries that make up the Middle East. Some have similar features and some are completely different. Conducting research in this area will show whether people of this race can distinguish themselves apart or whether ORB is still present. With the many studies on the own race bias around there are still many other factors to include and think about in order to achieve more reliable and valid results. More