Published On: Sat, Nov 17th, 2012

Psychology-The Own Race Bias in Face Recognition

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”This is not a treatment to merely get people to stop drinking and get rid of the harmful effects; it is also a way for you to turn around your life”

Author: Richard Binham, Consultant Well-Being Psychologist,
Therapist Researcher, Cambridge   University.

Psychology-The Own Race Bias in Face Recognition

This report deals with the client Simon who’s 52 years old and unemployed, it is clear in his case that he has several problems; he drinks heavily, over 30 units per week. He smokes 30 cigarettes a day. He has a reduced appetite and suffers from eating problems such as, difficulty swallowing and stomach pains. He has been prescribed medication for this, for which he claims does not help. He has been unable to find work for 12 years. His lack of physical activity may also be adding to some of these complications.

Here Simon’s problems will be identified and analysed. Several proposals for a suitable intervention will be made for one of his major problems, however only one intervention will be selected; the most appropriate and effective. This intervention will then be evaluated and a maintenance plan will be made and the way it will be managed will be outlined. Other key factors relating to Simons problems will also be considered such as; patient-doctor communication, medical compliance and health promotion interventions. More