Published On: Sun, Nov 3rd, 2013

Democracy & The Media: Do Today’s Media Fulfill Their Role In A Democracy?

“A democracy is only to be achieved once the voter is informed and educated to the extent where they are capable of understanding key political issues.”

Author: Fazeli Hamed

International Politics Researcher, University of Leicester

The media is fundamentally perceived as either the entertainer of the public or the stoolpigeon of politics. It is in essence, the backbone of a democracy. As this informant of politics, its basic role is to supply the public with information that will essentially be used to vote for whichever party the voter favours. It recognises concerns and issues and so functions and acts as the mediator for discussion and debate between that of the public and those who aim to resolve these issues, the politicians. The media also serves as the watchdog, the one that is given the role of notifying and exposing any faults and misconducts by those who have power in society, in the case of a democracy, again, these would be the politicians….Read More